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Ask Amaranth

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Cassandra asked:

Hi lady Amaranthe, my question is… what’s the strangest question you have ever been asked? X

Probably the ones that aren’t repeatable! I really don’t understand what gives people the impression or the gall that it’s ok to proposition in such an inappropriate matter. But then I guess they have the cowardly cover of the internet which can bring out the worst in some people.

Derick A Page asked:

What country would you like to visit the most and why.

Gosh, I’m a bit of an adventurer myself so have been to many wonderful countries and fascinating places through my lifetime, and have also been fortunate to be able to have made a life for myself on both sides of the world. What’s still on my bucket list though is Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia and Peru just for starters. I love seeing new and beautiful worlds, it’s one of the things I live for.

Jasmine asked:

** I have a new question: Why did you choose your “stage name”/nickname “Lady Amaranth”? **

I first read the name “Amaranth” in a short story called “Lady of the Skulls” by Patricia A McKillip. The heroine was a serving wench who a sorcerer took a shine too, but after she spurned his advances he enchanted her to a fate in a tower in the middle of a desert guarding a vault of treasure. The treasure could be won by correctly choosing the most valuable item but an incorrect choice would mean death. Knights and adventurers came to try and claim the treasure but invariably all died and Amaranth would use their skulls for pot plants to grow what little she could in the arid clime. Where the story ends is when one young man realises that she is actually the most valuable and wins her and the treasure. The story appealed to me and I was intrigued by the name. On further research I discovered its meaning – a mythical flower which never fades – and felt it resonated with me and all I try to do through photography – to create an everlasting glimpse of intangible perfection, with a twist of fantasy.

Jasmine asked:

I know you’re married, but: Do you like kids? Do you wanna be a “Goth” mom someday? ;)

I don’t really like children much as a general concept (individual children can fine – a bit like I don’t like people as a general concept ;) but from what I understand you tend to like your own! So I wouldn’t rule it out, but it really depends the path my life takes.

Jasmine asked: Really, are you a South African-born living in the UK, or just are you an English woman, raised in that country?

I’m actually British born, but I was a baby when I left the UK so all I ever remember of my childhood is South Africa, and it’s a huge part of what formed me and very much my heartland. And even though I’m of British decent when I moved to the UK, it was a culture shock and took me some time to adapt. I think I’ve had the best of both worlds now – the wild and free life of a childhood in the South African veld and the opportunities and culture of a British adulthood.

Jasmine asked:

What’s your opinion about the other subculture/scenes/”urban tribes”: Metalheads, Punks, Emos, Hipsters, etc etc?

I admire anyone who takes a culture and makes it their own, with style and creativity and passion, regardless of the genre. It’s the mindless or hollow following that bothers me more than the actual music/style/ethos. I’m finding more and more with the new social media generation, style over substance seems to be the trend. Give me style AND substance and I really don’t mind what direction that goes in (perhaps as long as it’s not normcore or trendy ;)