Alternative fashion is not just a passion of mine, it’s my entire life. I went from a child detesting clothes (and often trying to persuade everyone that going naked was a far better option) to a teenager who fell in love with the darker side of things. I became engrossed in how outward adornment could mirror your inward soul. How beauty was all a matter of interpretation and by blindly following fashion meant you lost out so many wondrous forms of self expression.

Now living in London and fully engrossed in the alternative scene I have become an alternative fashion journalist for a number of magazines as well as modelling both for the pleasure of the artform and to pay homage to the wonderful decoration our scene affords us.

I often get asked my opinion and advice on alternative style, and so thought this blog could add dialogue to the lifestyle I have thus far mostly lived in pictures and may even contain some of my more interesting exploits. I hope you enjoy it.