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Kenneth asked:

Hello, I like your style & you look gorgeous too. would like to know what type of EDM music you like the most? Trance, Hardstyle, Electro & House. would you allow your fans to pose with you?

Did you notice I may lean a little more on the Goth side? ;) Seriously, there is some Electronic music I like but it’s all Dark Electro or Electro-Industrial not really the more “mainstream” genres you list. My favourite musical subdivision is actually 90s goth.
And I almost always allow my fans to pose with me – providing they are not weird or creepy (well no more than me anyway ;) and providing I have not been dancing and drinking all night. While how good I think I look increases in proportion to the amount of alcohol I imbibe, I’ve realised this is not quite the truth :) so would rather be remembered through the haze of everyone elses’ enjoyment than the hard cold reality of a flash at midnight!

Jasmine asked:

Hello sweet Lady! ;) As a Goth, you know there are many different goth “styles” or “types” (since the “Trad” to “Bellydancer” (and current fashion trends inspired by Goth fasion like “Nu Goth” and “Pastel Goth”)… Well, I see in my opinion you like and shoot your work pics like the “Trad, “Faerie”, “Victorian”, “Romantic”, “Vampire”, “Medieval”, “Hippie” ; and sometimes you wear “Fetish”, “Deathrock”, “Corp” and “Steampunk” , but Do you like the other Goth styles or hybrids: “Cybergoth”, “Military”/”Industrial”/”Rivethead”, “Metalhead goth”, “Gothic lolita”, “Perky”, “Gothabilly”, “Dark Cabaret”,… etc?? Maybe someday can you wear and shoot those styles, please?? ;) PS: and excuse my very long comment hehe!

*smiles* I think you have pretty much covered them all! But yes your latter list are styles I’ve not explored so much. I wouldn’t be adverse to them and I do get more adventurous in my styles as I get older, so while they wouldn’t be something I’d choose to wear on a day to day basis – creating photoshoots is all about fantasy and sometimes being something/someone else for a moment. So watch this space! (and actually Dark Cabaret is a genre I love, and have toyed with in some shoots, so you’ve now made me want to explore this more!)

Crystal asked:

Hey I love your site and your pictures. I would love to get into trying to do some Goths modeling but have no clue how to go about it. Any ideas?

I really think I need to create an FAQ as this is the question I get asked again and again! Do read through my other “Ask Amaranth” posts in the meantime as you’ll find the answer in there! And see this article

Lily asked:

Dear Lady Amaranth Where are some of the best places to shop for gothic clothes? and when did you decided you wanted to be an alternative model?

The Gothic Shop has always been a great source of many of my goth clothes, Julia who runs the online store is so lovely and really has a passion for the scene and her business. Other than that my mother makes a great deal and eBay is a continual source of buried treasure. The high street has also started catering more for alternative slants and I find in end of season sales I always grab a bargain or two. TKMaxx has also started being a store I constantly visit and have found some real gems!

I’m not sure I ever “wanted to be a model”, I never thought I had the looks nor body type so didn’t really entertain the idea. However I loved to dress up and was scouted by a photographer and asked to pose, after that I helped out friends who made alternative clothes by modelling for them. But my passion for it really came from being able to create fantastical images where I could live out my childhood fantasies through the 2d.

Nepenthe asked:

Dear Amarath, what is Your opinion on religions? Do You believe in God? Are You spiritual?

Interesting Question! And actually an answer which I constantly revaluate, especially in these past couple of years where I have sunk to a depth in my soul which I never even knew existed. I have become tainted. Religion for me now is somewhat of a fantasy or a crutch and it’s not one I can really entertain anymore. However I believe most religions are founded on a base of rules to live by which I think are very relevant and one should strive to achieve and so I admire people who truly live their religion as long as they don’t do it to the detriment or derision of anyone else. I would say my general ethos on the whole matter of spirituality and finding a point in life, is that we are all forms of energy – every living thing – and as such are all connected. I have also come to realise we all affect one another consciously or unconsciously. So I try as best I can to make conscious right choices that still represent my inner moral logics but that don’t harm others and if at all possible gives them a little moment of enjoyment (which for me can sometimes be a constant battle as I’m not a natural “people person”). The most beautiful moments I have been fortunate to experience have involved connecting with loved ones and being in beautiful natural surrounds, so to make life more bearable I live for those moments.