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London Edge Autumn 2011

London Edge Autumn 2011

Things seemed a bit slower starting this year but by the end of it many of the traders were beaming. Another good year for sales to all corners of the globe proving the alternative doesn’t go out of fashion! Managing Director of LondonEdge, Carole Hunter, noted particular trends in the origin of the buyers: “we’ve noticed sharp increases this season from nations such as Denmark, Belgium & Finland, meanwhile others have recorded a slight dip such as Ireland & Spain. Encouragingly we had the highest UK attendance for some years with 62% Brit buyers and 38% overseas. This compares to 55% UK in February 2011. The UK buyers were back with a bang!”

I arrived in time to catch the fashion show this year, which was well choreographed with the help of what must be professional dancers mixed in with the catwalk models. This really gave it a polished feel and made it quite a good show – although you really would have thought they could have found dancers with actual mowhawks rather than using stick on ones! But what they lost in authenticity they gained in showmanship.

Each scene had a definite theme with Brendan McCoy as the Steampunk overlord artfully anchoring it all together. In fact his attire somewhat threw me off kilter as I expected more Steampunkishness to run through the show but there was in fact none. A reflection of the event as a whole actually. During the February show, almost every stand was littered with cog covered bronze, this time round it was more of an exception than a rule. Is Steampunk on its way out? One of the companies that did succumb to the genre with a new range was Phaze with its Emporium range with its great top and skirt and shrug combos in brown and burgundy pinstripe. What was nice here is that there were at least three different styles of each giving you the mix and match choice most outfits don’t. However although this gave a nod to Steampunk in the colouring, I would put it closer to corp-goth wear. Still on my list of things to buy when I find that infinite wardrobe though… The Valarie tail dress may also have to squeeze in there somewhere! I was quite perturbed however, while pretties drew me to one side of this stand, the garish polka dots kept me from getting too close to the other. Quite interesting launching two very disparate ranges at the same time.

The fashion show on the whole seemed more “street” wear than closer to my trad goth leanings, but there were a couple of things that caught my eye. The Queen of Darkness jacket, bustles by Wild Rose Lingerie and the Kimono dress by Hell Bunny. Not ever really being a fan of Hell Bunny’s style, they have brought in some new items that are right up my street. With oriental patterned fabrics and high backed corsets as well as the pinstriped Sophie skirt in a length unusual for them – reaching down to the floor.

With autumn already firming its hold and winter just around the corner, the prospect of wrapping up in the stunning new Laughing Vampire coat is sure to make you want the cold to arrive faster.

Burleska are venturing even further into clothing with some frilly lace shirts and Victorian tops. Getting slightly late to the party – they now have a couple of Steampunk corsets, very much in line with Dracula Clothing. My main reason for stopping by this stall (apart from the fact that they tend to be one of my favourite off-the-rack label for those on a budget) was to find out if they have the ball gown skirt in brass yet. Sadly I found out that even the brass Lily corset is no longer with the fabric no longer available from their supplier. We’ll have to make do with the rest of the fabulous colours they have instead!

My favourite stands also had delights on offer. Prong has gone decidedly more feminine (yet still with that trademarked Prong edge) with a floral themed pieces. Sinister has brought out yet another outfit in that stunning satin shimmer fabric as well as a wonderful chiffon cape. And Alchemy has created a magnificent deviation with Art Nuevo and Art Deco inspired Jewellery and decor. Could this be the start of even more vintage inspired pieces? Let’s hope so!