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Bethski asked:

Can you recommend a good place to get/wear/buy corsets? Being a UK 14 bust and hips and a UK 6 waist, it’s difficult to find well fitted corsets and I’m sick of off the rack plastic boned crappy things that do more damage than help!

Sounds like you are gifted with a similar curves to me, so I completely emphasise. Corsets that fit to the hips just don’t pull in the waist and are too loose on the bust. What you need to look for is corsets that are marked for “tight lacing”. These will have more of a curve on them and will flare out at the hips. Two such makes that I find work particularly well for me is the V1925 from Vollers and from What Katie Did the Morticia or Antoinette styles with gored hips. I’ve also found the Lily corsets from The Gothic Shop very well fitting and a nice more economical option. However an investment in a well fitting corset – especially if it’s a plain one and can be worn with a number of different outfits – is never a waste.

Richard Vasquez asked:

Would you model with Anneliese Van Der Pol in the same photoshoot?

What a strange question! I would have no problem shooting with her, she’s a very pretty lady – but it would have to be the right theme and the styling would need to ensure we complement one another. Matching styling, location and poses when you are the only person in the shot is difficult enough, but managing to arrange more than one model and have them work cohesively together is quite a skill and really tends to be up to the photographer to get it perfect. It’s the reason I don’t tend to work with other models often, and if I do it’s usually someone I already have a rapport with.

Steph asked:

I love the pictures and photos that you create. But I was wondering what your sort of every day style was, and how/if this differs to the styles you create in your pictures.

Many of the dresses I wear in my pictures just really aren’t practical in every-day life! Historically ladies dressed in these ornate corseted outfits were of a noble class and essentially ladies of leisure with hand servants to help them not only get in and out of these creations but to assist them throughout the day. Ladies of wealth were meant to be ornamental and their inhibitive clothing a symbol that they had enough money to not need to work. Unfortunately I have no such luxuries and really quite like my comfort at times. I also feel it’s important to adjust your dress according to your duties and for your surroundings. While I think it’s a nice idea that people should be able to wear corsets and backcombed hair whenever they want, if you expect to be taken seriously in a boardroom you need to adjust your attire. Every single person – including Goths – judge people on first impressions and have prejudices about certain things. Obviously some are stronger than others and it’s the ability of the well developed character to be able to understand your own prejudices and work with them, but it’s human nature to take signals from the way people dress and act. Adjusting your attire for the situation however, does not mean you need to completely sell your soul – there are some great ways you can weave in your personality and still project the appropriate traits for that specific situation. For example, I wear long pinstriped skirts for work and some nice blouses and tops; for meetings I rather like tailored skirt suits – all in black, burgundy and purple. During the day when I’m not at work, I go for comfort and ease, yet I still like the flowing feminine. So generally wear long flowing skirts and strappy/flowing tops or maxi dresses. Make-up is very much toned down and is good for giving skin a rest, hair either hangs loose or up in a ponytail. And in this way I also enjoy it far more when I choose to dress up – rather than having the bind of doing it every day!

Lia asked:

I’m only 16 and I’m getting more and more into the Goth world as the days pass… and my best friend and her family are worried that I’ll be part of some strange cult and eventually kill myself. Although I have assured my friend that I’d never do such things, it’s hard to convince her. My parents on the other hand aren’t worried, they think it’s just a phase I’m going through and let me wear what I want as long as my grades are good. I really need to talk to somebody who knows what it’s like to be ‘different’. Could you by any chance give me some advice?

It can be difficult and strange in the beginning, especially when one day you appear all sweetness and light and then suddenly everything goes black. The teenage years are all about discovery and a few of us find our answers in the dark beautiful world of Goth. The fact that not everyone understands this is also part of its charm as you enter into a clan of a special understanding. However, you then have to then become even more insightful and compassionate towards those people outside our understanding. As we grow up we are given signals that black = evil, night-time = scary, corsets = fetish etc, and some find it difficult to overcome these indoctrinations. The only thing we can do, and this takes time, is be the best person we can be – get good grades, be polite, don’t cause trouble, and be willing to explain when people ask – that we don’t go out sacrificing cats and generally are quite pleasant people. Also dress appropriately for the situation (read my comment above) don’t expect because you’re now goth, you can go to a family wedding in fishnets and spiderwebs. Don’t give people want they want by being rude, spiteful and inconsiderate, just so they can tar all Goths with that same brush. Moreover, it’s not only the preconceived ideas that we have to rail against, but the “Goths” that do end up in the media are often the small subset of attention seeking exhibitionists that play up to the stereotypes and prejudices. Being Goth is not the easy path, but personally I find it rewarding in so many ways, that I can put up with the rest and just try and be the best representation of the subculture I can be in hope that one day people will not be so blind sighted. Something that may help you in your explanations is this great article written a while ago: Good Luck!