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Frater Setnakh – Mysticism & Magic

Frater Setnakh – Mysticism & Magic

Frater Setnakh is a purveyor of mysticism and magic. He doesn’t tie himself down to one doctrine or enlightened path but openly welcomes all that is otherworldly. His online shop sells pendants and prints from every dark art and mythological melee imaginable from voodoo and demonology to paganism and witchcraft and everything between and betwixt! For 2018 he has even created a moon phases calendar, which is beautiful as it is useful – never miss that full moon again! I love the antiquated nature of his work. His prints are beautifully hand rendered on a choice of canvas or high quality paper with an antique finish or black and white, and the edging has a stunning rough finish. You can also get any sigil or image as a pendant which can be kept close to your heart and imbued with whatever power you so choose or simply kept and a striking trinket with which to adorn yourself. I took the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the man behind all this mysticism and rather enjoyed his answers, which you can read below.

Tell me about your name, what it means to you and why you chose it for your business
The pseudonym I use for my artistic activities was assigned to me by the Great Logde of the Rosicrucian Society to which I belong and in which I serve as a Mage.

Explain how your passions in the occult and dark arts came to be?
As it often happens, I don’t remember exactly when and how it all started. Apart from my interest in occultism, I always wanted to create, not only read and gain knowledge. I have been looking for my path from among the many, hence my interest in various magical traditions. I joined various esoteric associations, and if they did not meet my expectations, I created my own. I love to work with people and learn from them, because I don’t believe in coincidences, and I think that everyone I meet on my way is for a reason and I try to discover what that reason may be.

Tell me about a philosophy/ideology/belief that particularly resonates with you
I believe that each of the magical, occult paths is beautiful and deserves to be followed. I felt that my mission was to promote this diversity of occultism, because it leads man to knowledge and wisdom. And that is my goal. Hence the idea of a shop to promote the “dark sides of the human mind”. The snake gives knowledge and enlightenment and has been cursed because it is easier to steer unconscious people. Hence my motto: ”Lumen Eorum Qui In Tenebris Sunt!”. It is a quote of one of my favourite bands – Rosa Crvx and it means:”We are the Light for those who are in Darkness”. I sit here and now as a solitary man among the lonely ones and watch the current of the river. I can see people who are swimming with the current, I can see those who are trying to swim against the current, and if one of them is stretching out a hand, I can help them get out of the river and sit by me. I listen to what they have to say to me and try to help them if I can. For a moment of thinking about it I felt like Zaratustra, haha…

Who is your favourite mythological figure and why?
I have three favourite characters. Demeter, Lucifer and Mitra. The order is not accidental, and for me it is a symbolic path to liberation.

Do you think magic and mysticism still has a place in the modern world?
During the day, at work, with many of the ordinary problems of human existence, this is not obvious, but when the Night comes, people look into themselves and many will confirm that this is the case. That’s why I only work at night. I also visit different places of power, from where I draw energy for my current activities.

Tell me what inspired you to create a moon phases calendar?
A good question…. I was invited by a group of modern witches to a meeting in a stone circle for the celebration of Equinox and they asked me to do such a calendar for them. And after my return I thought that other witches would also like to have a beautiful tangible lunar calendar which they can hang on a wall, rather than simply in a smartphone…

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So do yourself a favour and peruse his etsy store and you are bound to find something that speaks to you. Then eagerly await the package in the post, as his presentation is second to none, and on receiving the parcel you truly feel like you are about to open something very special.

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