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X asked:

I would very much like to see pics of your everyday style since I’m sure it must be impeccable! I’m doing a major culling in my wardrobe right now and I could use some inspiration before I go shopping. Also, what are your favorite cosmetics, makeup and shampoo?

I do not have that many photos of my “everyday style” as when relaxing I usually like to remain behind the camera, capturing the world as I see it rather than being concerned about being captured myself. It’s a rather nice change since I spend so much of my time in front of it. When considering clothing for everyday though, you need to take into account comfort and function while still bringing in your own splash of personal style. You may also want to consider washing and ironing instructions as this is clothing you’ll be wearing often. If shopping on the high street and forced to choose clothes on trend, go for unpatterned fabrics in dark colours unless you are lucky and find some pinstriped or flocked styles. I also find the eveningwear section tends to offer up some treasures, with velvet and lace tops and skirts that may be considered “occasional wear” for the masses, work great as everyday wear for us.

My favourite cosmetics would have to be those made by Illamasqua. Not only are they beautifully packaged with a range of great colours in good quality, but I like the ethos and whole image behind the company, which makes them even more appealing. The shampoo I use is the Aussie brand. Their Miracle range is especially wonderful for long hair.

Anaemia Winterborn asked:

For the beginning I want to tell you that you are adorable. I`m in goth subculture since my early teenage years, and that is my life, I adore everything about it… When I saw you, I was surprised, `cause you are beautiful! So, can you tell me, how you have overcome the lack of confidence, if you had that problem at all?

Faltering confidence is something that happens to even the most self-assured people. It’s human nature. Especially growing up, when we are all trying to find ourselves, and our peers and their judgements really matter to us. We try to adopt the norms in order to “fit in” and be accepted. But those norms don’t always make sense to us and so we effectively end up lying to ourselves and others, as we try to be something we are not. The greatest key to confidence is knowledge and understanding. People feel unconfident when they think they may not be able to back up their claims or answer questions about their thoughts and actions. Even if you turn out to be wrong, giving a good enough case for your reasons will earn you respect from those questioning you. So spend time with yourself and think about your belief system, what gets you excited, things you like and are good at and why. Become an expert in the person you are and don’t do things simply because someone else does. It’s not about being different or the same as anyone else – but about being the very best “you” you can be. This process in itself will not only give you the confidence in your choices as being the right ones for you at this time, but will also give you the tools to answer criticism elegantly and concisely. Being able to stick up for yourself in this way will go a long way to attaining confidence.

Amanda Arnold asked:

ive been a goth for about 5 years now and have been told by many people that i should use my creative dress talent and go into modelling!! i would love to do this i just want to get a feel of the modelling goth world can you give me any suggestions please? also i am looking for a really good black eyeshadow that lasts

First off, you should never simply do something like that because someone else says you should, especially if these people are simply your friends and/or family. If you have received the same opinion from those in the industry; models, photographers, designers etc. the opinions may carry more weight but it’s still a decision that needs to come from within, because you are going to have to call on your own inner strength and resolve throughout the process!

Then you need to decide why it is you want to go into alternative modelling. If it’s for fame and fortune, I would stop you there and ask you to think again. There are very few alternative models that make that much money from the craft, and those that do tend to have other talents to throw into the mix, such as performance, wardrobe design, fetish/nude modelling etc. It’ll also be some time before you become good and well known enough to actually start making money. If it’s the attention you want, well you’ll certainly start getting it, but it’s not always positive attention, so you’ll need to draw on that strong resolve to see past the negativity. You are putting yourself in the public eye and as such are opening yourself up to judgement.

The internet and low cost of digital photography nowadays has also seen the alternative modelling scene boom. I think this is great – with more people getting the opportunity to express themselves in this way and enjoy the artform. However this also means more competition. So again, if you are after the fame and fortune, you’re going to have to have something unique or special about you and to work really hard in order to stand out above the crowd.

However, if you simply wish to do it for yourself and to be part of the creation of beautiful images, then most certainly go for it! Modelling can be a great past-time helping you to meet people, go interesting places and have an outlet for your creativity. Find photographers on the same level as you. If you are a beginner, find someone who wants to learn how to take photos and work together with them, helping one another grow in the process. Do be careful to get to know the photographer before you shoot with them though; check references if they have worked before, and take a chaperone with you on the first few shoots until you are sure you are comfortable with them. Also be definite about your levels, decide exactly the sort of things you are willing to do beforehand and don’t let anyone talk you into doing anything that goes against that. These pictures are owned by the photographer and will be around forever – so make sure they are not something you’ll regret later.

As for eyeshadows – read my reply to Joabby.

Laura asked:

i am a goth and i always get commented on my clothes but i thought i found my mister right and i started talking to someone else and i feel in love with him is it wrong that i dropped the other guy but he doesnt know it yet that i feel in love with another? i am a romantic at heart and i do write poems and write stories among drawing but i always hated things like these i never thought this would happen to me i mean there both great but the one i love now is just plain perfect and the other me and him always argued but we always appologized but the new one me and him can just talk about nothing and turn it into something we can shoot the bull and just have fun with it but the other me and him cant do that i just want to know is what im feeling wrong or should i just forget it?

Off the point initially, but something I feel is important to mention. You need to think about at the very least using punctuation and sentences. In life, when we are trying to communicate with each other, especially when trying and explain ourselves, we need to use all the tools available to get our point across and help the person we are communicating with understand us correctly. When speaking in person we have tone of voice and gestures, but online we are missing this – so need to be even more aware how we may come across.

Then is the matter of morality. Whether you are Goth or not, cheating is wrong. It’s easy to find someone and think they may be the one until someone else comes along, and that’s something that happens all the time. But you then owe it to yourself and the guys involved to break it off with your current boyfriend before you get involved with another. If you are confused about which is the best for you. Sit down and think what it would be like if you never saw your current boyfriend again – what would you miss? Could you sacrifice that? Because you may well have to if he’s not able to be friends with you after the break. Then think about this new guy – try look past the excitement of a new crush and look at his personality and traits, how well do they match the things you want? Also realise that after a time with the new guy you’ll probably also argue. Nothing stays “perfect” forever and as people spend more time with each other you’ll start to discover differences. Ultimately though, it’s not an easy thing and hormones do cloud judgement. As much as you try to think it through – you have to just follow your instincts and make the gamble. However, when you come out the other side, if you never lied or cheated, you will most certainly feel a lot better about yourself.

Joabby asked:

I was wondering what’s the best eyeshadow to get

It really depends how you wear them. I find loose powdered pigment the best for nice strong colour, but can be a bit more difficult to apply. For everyday wear I tend to go for powered shadows by Mac or Illamasqua. Although they are a little more expensive, they last for ages so are a good investment. If you do want to go for a cheaper high street brand for colours that you may use less frequently, Barry M has a great range. For a high street standard black, I have also resorted to Rimmel which works fairly well but I tend to use more for shading than to get a nice dark black. One of the most important things about eye shadows though is to invest in good quality brushes and to look after them. A workman is only as good as their tools! Along with the standard eye shadow brush, a shorter haired “smoky eye” brush is great to get darker blends and work close to the eyelashes.

Linda asked:

Do you know some great literature about Gothic movement? Could you state me the titles and authors? P.S. You are such an inspiring person, your art is stunning!

First off, thank you so much. I am so inspired by the beauty in the world that I am truly honoured when someone considers me an inspiration.
As for books on the gothic subculture, there are many! The ones currently on my bookshelf are:
Worldwide Gothic by Natasha Sharf (see my post reviewing this)
Goth: Vamps and Dandies: The Dark Subculture by Gavin Baddeley
Goth Chic: A Connoisseur’s Guide To Dark Culture by Gavin Baddeley
Goth: Identity, Style and Subculture
by Paul Hodkinson
The Goth Bible: A Compendium for the Darkly Inclined by Nancy Kilpatrick
Gothic: Dark Glamour by Valerie Steele
Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters
What is Goth? by Voltaire
Gothic Rock Black Book by Mick Mercer
Gothic Rock by Mick Mercer
Hex Files: The Goth Bible by Mick Mercer
21st Century Goth by Mick Mercer
Music to Die For by Mick Mercer
Schillerndes Dunkel by Alexander Nym (currently waiting on the English release in 2012)