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Getting Steamy at London Edge

Getting Steamy at London Edge

There was a definite buzz around London Edge this year. Even on the first day stall holders were commenting how much business they had done and you could feel a stir of excitement in the air (although this may have been owing to the shot of flavoured vodka from the tree bar!).

This was the first time I had been to it since changing to a larger hall housing both London Edge and London Central on one floor, although it was the second time it had run in that format. I rather liked it in that it made it more conducive to walk around the whole thing rather than skip upstairs straight to the more gothy section. Although I still can’t say I found much to my taste in the street/urban clothing racks, they were still interesting to look through.

One of the overwhelming trends that really became quite noticeable this time round was steampunk. Everything from hats, to shoes, jewellery and corsets were on offer in the beiges and browns of the steamy style. The Raven/XSPunk/SDL/Sacrifice collective was the most ostentatious with its display of steampunk hats set amidst gadgets of all kinds which you didn’t know whether you should wear or toast your bread with. Alchemy, a previous pioneer, following on the rear with tantalizing coppery jewels (although keeping true to their goth roots with “The Last Caress” which left me drooling). Then a fly by Dracula Clothing for a corset or two and finally to Demonia for some cog-covered stilettos and your outfit is complete. It does beg the question though, that with the Steampunk ethic being to make and invent, is this off-the-rail stuff going against its very nature? Although I can’t complain as being slightly less than dexterous in the sewing department I recently just bought myself a stunning steampunk dress from Dracula Clothing who have recently started stocking Fanplusfreind Garden which is a veritable treasure trove of Victorian and EGL designs.

Another surprise was Prong’s new collection which while may have not been seen on the genteel ladies of a Jules Verne novel, may well have adored the necks of the Dungeon Mistresses watching over the airship pirates. I have been watching Prong for some years now, and that lady consistently outdoes herself with each new range and each design has her strong signature look making it quintessentially and noticeably Prong.

Another tried and tested favourite of mine, Sinister, has expanded their range of clothing using the beautiful satin shimmer fabric. Although the copper is quite stunning and may well be lumped into the steampunk genre on account of its hue. Sinister still manage to keep it most discernibly gothic. And continuing in the same colour range, Burleska have finally brought out their ballgown skirt in the beautiful brass taffeta to match the lily corset – another item for my shopping list then!

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