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Alchemy Gothic turn 35

Alchemy Gothic turn 35

Alchemy Gothic turns 35 this year and last week I was lucky enough to join them for their birthday celebrations. The party was post show after the Saturday trading at London Edge where Alchemy always holds pride of place next to the stage – and this year their stand was buzzing. While their wares are undoubtedly a draw, the Skull and Rose bar may have helped a little too! I couldn’t resist the offer a Rum and Pussy (no cat naps with this energy drink!) to warm me up for the evening festivities.

We then wondered over to the Hand and Flower to help celebrate the birth of these Alchemic delights. We were treated to performances by the Medieval Baebes and Gwendoline Lamour as well as lovely sepia visuals crawling the walls while Natasha Scharf operated the music decks.

Being an avid fan of Alchemy, it was wonderful to get a chance to speak to the employees, retailers and business partners of the company and with each conversation my sense of the wonderful “family” type network the company seemed to imbue grew. Indeed the employees themselves were glowing with reviews and anecdotes of their hours spent at the grindstone – so much so it didn’t seem like work at all. That’s quite a rare feat for any company. I also learnt more about their licencing side and am reliably informed by one of their licensees that a new range of bedding, including double duvet covers for the sharing experience ;), embezzled with Alchemy artwork, is on the horizon.

A selection of my collection

I was also fascinated to hear about their manufacture process. Everything is made on-site in their studio in Leicester and often originates from their art. They have a small team of artists, which include their founder Geoff Kayson (read my interview with Geoff) who create the spectacular artworks well known in their printed goods, and from these elements are taken to create the jewellery. Recognise their Absinthe Fairy for example? I think that’s why the pieces are so detailed, fluid and tell such a story – because they once were part of one. Below is an extract giving away some of the secrets of their very own alchemy.

Click for full view

Thirty five years, is quite a feat to celebrate – to think that this British born and bred company is older than even I am, and still after all these years remains true to its origins and serves the alternative world with gusto. It’s became a beacon of all that is goth and ghoulishly good in the scene. With a quality and an ethos that sets itself apart from many of the “made in china” fare that floods our shelves these days and yet still has managed to grow and succeed. I think in this day and age where we are so removed from the source of all we wear, eat and consume it’s important to understand at least a little of all these things which we take to us to make up ourselves. And from all I have come to know and understand about the company I can truly confirm that you can be confident in the fact that when you buy Alchemy, you take home a little piece of their family and become part of the legend which will be told for many more years to come.