The making of an Amaranth

Being my birthday and a Thursday I thought I’d make this #throwbackthursday a look back at my birth into Goth and through my first few steps before I blossomed into Gothic adult-hood. Come with me on a trip down memory lane….

These are my first favourite posed shots that I did way back in 2000 when I was still in South Africa – they are just snaps witha little camera by my sister before going out to the club… but they echo of things to come! (my bedroom curtains did feature quite highly in my photos, along with the black wedding dress my mother made me which I adored!)

This is a selection of pre-club and club images from my first few years as a goth – I was between 17 and 20 in these and still in South Africa. You’ll see my natural hair colour and a not-so-wash-out black before I dyed it irrecoverably black and notice my tendancy to wear a lot of white make-up…. I did learn quite quickly that ears and neck needed to be well blended – and even started doing my hands (after a number of faux pas)!

I moved to the UK when I was 21 and this set of images charts my first two years here. My wardrobe options also started to increase slightly!

These were taken a couple of years later (after my hair went totally black) and were among the pictures Nadya Lev saw of me which prompted her to ask me to pose for her… and the rest… well the rest you’ll know is quite well documented ;)