The Celebration of Love

As Valentine’s Day is again upon us – when better a time to look back at our one year wedding anniversary. Finding a life partner was something I had always dreamed of but was realistically not holding out much hope, so to have found that person – made it through one happy year and now looking into the many before us – well that is a dream come true.

Some of you may know of my husband, not only a wonderful man that no one can seem to say a bad word about, but a brilliant musician, a talented architect, and kind caring individual, and doesn’t half look handsome among the sandy dunes of Gran Canaria.

I know, I know – I’m a lucky girl!

The dunes were one of the main reasons we chose Gran Canaria as our Anniversary destination. The beautiful warm bleakness mirrored the stunning cold glaciers of Switzerland where we Honeymooned. We stayed in a African themed hotel (which we thought quite fitting) and had own own private pool on our balcony! The onsite restaurant served up African flovour and the flora brought back memories of home… the exotic looking Bird of Paradise and my mother’s favourite flower – the Frangipani. The fauna (in the guise of fiberglass animals) was a little more comic than scenic though!

Tim was a little braver than me – venturing out into the midday sun, while I chose to sit in the shade and sip milkshakes until the sun started lowering. Basking then in the glow of the sunset and wondering along the golden sands in the moonlight.

But the more I travel the more I come to learn – there is no where on earth that isn’t made far more special by experiencing it alongside my husband ♥