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Faerie Tale Gothic

Faerie Tale Gothic

A Faerie Goth-mother if there ever was one, this lovely soul adds her little bit of magic atop your outfits to make sure you’ll be the belle of the ball! Indeed I have attended a number of extravagant events sporting her feathers, horns and floral creations to aid the transformation from mundane to magical! Her work has a light, enchanted feel perfect for that fairy-goth look. Starting from as little as £15 for a beautiful flower fascinator, every outfit could do with a little touch of Fairie Tale Gothic! I’m pleased to have been able to interview Lilith Karnstein, and not only bring her delights into the spotlight but show you if you haven’t found your fairy-tale yet it’s not too late – you just have to close your eyes and dream…

You came to the goth scene quite late and yet it was simply a spark in you that was waiting to be ignited. Could you tell me about this journey and what was the catalyst which brought your beauty to us?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ! :) Thank you for your kind words I was rather self-conscious and sensitive young lady, I drifted away from the Gothic music and style very early, only to look in from the outside at the romance and incredibly good looking people and felt I could never be that beautiful, graceful or mesmerizing. At the age of 38 I could no longer look in from the outside I had been falling in love with the scene from a distance and now my soul was telling me I needed to let the vast ocean of tempting romance and darkness embrace me. I made a pledge to myself, this is me from now on. I had only grasped a little back in the 80′s and touched on some parts of the scene during the rest of my life, I could of never of guessed or dreamed that this world of wonder and fulfilment would save me from an otherwise dull and half existence.

What would your advice be to someone interested in the scene but not sure how to go about getting into it/becoming goth?

Well, all I can say is never deny yourself your true path, Goth was part of me at a very young age and I choose to walk away due to thinking I could never be part of the beauty, it can be intimidating being surrounded by Dark Angels but you will find your mentors and inspiration, never stop