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Alternative Models – Inspiring Individuals part II

Alternative Models – Inspiring Individuals part II

The alternative look has always appealed to me and I am, and always have been constant in awe of the unique and exquisite beauty the scene breeds. It’s almost ten years since I did my very first shoot with the amazing Nadya Lev. Back then I had never even contemplated that I could do this thing called “modelling” (and I still debate that fact ;). But up and until that point, and even now, I would look through the photos online and gaze at the beauties in the clubs (my husband is amused by the fact he often catches me looking at girls on the internet *laughs*!). It amazes me that some tell me I have become one of those beauties, but here I want to pay homage so some of the exquisite beings whose art I enjoy consuming and if they weren’t so lovely, would make me green with envy :) This follows on from my first post of lovely ladies.

Jolien Rosanne of Fairytas
I can’t deny I have a thing for blondes, especially when they can in equal measure play the beauty and the beast. I had the honour of meeting this beautiful lady recently and she is even more breathtaking in the flesh. (Many models take fantastic images but don’t always have the presence in person). On top of her beauty and sweetness, she is also a gifted designer, making many of her own clothes and dreaming up her own fantastic outfits. She has truly stepped straight from the pages of the fairytales I read as a child.
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La Esmeralda
Such a natural beauty, and although I have never met this lady she comes across as such a nice, caring person online and is selfless in sharing the beauty of her friends and those she admires. She makes the most of her beautiful curves and stunning figure as though she were specifically made to showcase corsets and her love of animals often means she has many furry co-stars. Also of numerous talents, she makes many of her own clothes and styles the majority of her photos (as well as taking many of them herself!) The timeless, kind beauty she exudes is soothing.
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Morrigan Hel
On the other end of the scale, is the beauty that demands attention and will take nothing less than total submission to it. I have known of this bewitching model for many years and even with those years her look seems to grow only more fierce and exquisite – one would imagine many virgins have bled in her honour. I often see her out-and-about and she is always draws your eye, impeccably turned out at all moments and yet still seems to enjoy herself with reckless abandonment if the mood takes her. Her love of music is also something that appeals. While I can’t deny that style is succulent, the substance behind the scene – the music where much of it was borne from – it something that I think deserves respect. Not that respect is something that you could ever not give her – or she may just whip it out of you ;)
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Maria Amanda
A fairly young and recent entry onto the stage of alternative modelling – yet she drew a large following almost instantaneously and it’s easy to see why. Another blonde beauty who works the goth look with her perfectly applied heavy eyeliner in the most unique and striking manner. Her delicate frame and beautiful face makes for the most enchanting pictures and she’s even breaking into more mainstream modelling (which I hope doesn’t lead her to forget her alternative roots). She’s a favourite with digital artists who create the worlds for her in which she truly belongs. This world is far too harsh and real for such a creature.
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Morticia Eve
Unashamedly goth to her core, this lady often catches my eye at Leipzig with her amazing flair that she remains true to. For me she is the pinnacle of European goth style. She is not so much model as fashion icon, and one who deserves to be in pictures. Her look is bred from her scene and it’s refreshing that it’s something she chooses not to deviate from. Some alternative models feel the need to morph at desire (and indeed that determines the success of mainstream models), or to go down the route of fetish and/or nudity (as that is where the money usually is). But Moricia Eve, simply is. And for that I admire her.
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Photo credits in order
Marijke Pie, Fantasy Photography
Chad Michael Ward
Martin Lindeblad Jørgensen
Viona Art